Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Content Creator Internship Progamme at Ginkgo Agency 2019

The purpose of the role is to investigate unique storylines, possible talent and other creative reference material of interest to the company and/or specific projects and archive this information appropriately.

Priorities and accountabilities:
  • Conduct thorough research on specific topics using the internet, libraries, books, magazines and other unique and inventive sources. Sole reliance on the Internet as a source of information will not be accepted, as this is not adequate.
  • Ensure the format used to document research is in a format preferred and deemed acceptable.
  • Follow-up on leads and ensure all research is archived, organised and labelled.
  • Conduct interviews in person over the telephone or using video calls, and ensure that these are adequately recorded and archived.
  • Take high-quality notes of even the shortest conversations or pieces of research.
  • Work to deadlines set out and ensure the format used to document research is in a format preferred and deemed acceptable.
  • Use the Editorial Team’s archiving and file-sharing system for beautiful news stories, as per the company’s standards.
  • Archive all reference material including articles, stills, recorded material and footage according to the archiving system set up on the Company’s database.
  • Summarise findings on specific topics and regularly send out an update of this summary to ensure that they are kept up-to-date and any new information is presented to them in a helpful and summarised document for easy reading.
  • Create pitch documents and pitch stories to the editorial team at weekly meetings based on Beautiful News mandate and pitch targets.
  • Take initiative to constantly learn more about writing and researching techniques.
  • Be organised in terms of managing the workload he/she is given and managing his/her system of filing and backing up of written collateral.
  • Eagerly research and share relevant reference material and industry trends with the editorial team.
  • Any other task that is reasonably asked of you.

About us:

Ginkgo is built on a sense of purpose. We believe that we can do life better by challenging the norms.

Our thoughts, deeds and actions are underpinned by absolute clarity of reason. We are governed by an emphatic duty to integrity and a belief that we are better together. Innovation and creativity are inherent, and we strive to constantly exceed expectations. We each have an insatiable hunger for knowledge: to constantly evolve and discover new frontiers.

Our clients commission us to produce editorial and brand content in a photo-journalistic style that is compelling and resonates with their audience. We deliver narrative of value by applying best practice to extracting narrative, creating solutions at scale and understanding audiences.

“We are made for goodness” – Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu


  • Research
  • Writing
  • Interviewing
Location: Cape Town 

Please send your cover letter to Mellisa Weir at recruitment@ginkgoagency.com outlining why you are the best person for the role and why you wish to work at the Ginkgo Agency. Remember to include your CV.

Source: Biz Community 

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