Thursday, 6 December 2018

Firmenich Graduate Opportunity 2019

Firmenich is the largest private company in the Fragrance & Flavors industry, founded in 1895 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Led by our passion for taste and smell, we put our creativity and innovation to work to develop fragrances and flavors for the world’s most desirable brands, delighting billions of consumers every day.

  • Any Food technology / Food Science qualifition that requires in service training
  • A student with an average grade of 65% and above are invited to apply for an internship in our flavours technical division
  • Product development on Beverages, Sweet Goods, dairy, and savory applications
  • Prepare the samples according to the formulations and screen the samples.
  • Prepare tasting sheets needed for evaluations, i.e comparisons, rankings, triangle test.
  • Prepare samples for clients – bottle/pack pasteurize and labeling.
  • Give the formulations to the Manager for completion of the Action reports.
  • Keep records of all formulation that was presented during the progress of the project.
Screening of flavours
  • Make use of the internal flavour library and Date base to search and select flavours applicable to a specific product and profile.
  • Prepare the flavours in the bases as per project, taste and evaluate the samples to select the best possible profile(s) and flavour dosages.
Weekly activities
  • Preparation of sugar syrups for use in development work.
  • Ensure that all glassware is clean and available for use on a daily basis.
  • Ensure that all raw materials and packaging materials are in stock, inform the Manager to order where needed.
  • Assist in the blending, bottling and pasteurization of any bulk blends for clients, i.e Consumer research etc.
  • Bottling, packaging and labeling of all samples for clients.
  • Assist in the cleaning of the laboratory, store rooms etc.
  • Managing the flavour library. Ensure that all samples used are replaced back into the library. Ensure that expired flavor samples from working collection are replaced with fresh stock samples.
Location: Midrand 

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