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Media Manager/Editor Intern at Ginkgo Agency 2019

The media management and editor intern role sits within the media management team and has a dual reporting line to the post-production supervisor and the senior video editor.

The purpose of the role is to afford a learning opportunity for those interested in entering the field of editing or media management and the incumbent will assist in the execution of a project during production. The role includes managing various forms of media within the company from ingesting footage, transcoding, syncing sound and video, prepping projects for the senior editors, managing photographic assets, backing up footage and projects, sending finished projects to grade and sound and packaging final products for distribution.

From time to time, he/she will be required to perform assembly edits, where he/she will utilise available footage to create video products of the highest standard in a timely manner and in line with the creative brief.

Key responsibilities:
  • Editing tasks
  • Complete all post-production elements.
  • Create video products of a distinctive and excellent standard using all assets and footage available in the best way possible.
  • After the offline edit is locked off, prepare basic online editing and audio mixing via project management, transcode back-up and file incoming video and audio data to production deadlines and a high-quality standard.
  • Adhere to the company editing process when completing edits.
  • Report back to the senior video editor and senior production manager regarding the material and footage supplied for each edit.
  • Communicate with the senior video editor and senior production manager should other assets be required, so that if possible, this can be captured to create an improved video product in time for deadlines set.
  • Be organised in terms of managing the workload he/she is given. This includes completing allocated workloads within a prescribed time-period, as well as completing additional, unforeseen ad-hoc projects.
  • Continuously strive to develop skill set with the aim of progressing as a video editor to deliver higher quality video products in a more efficient and timely manner.
  • Media management
  • Prepare footage and material for editors’ post-shoots to required briefs and as per instruction from senior media manager.
  • Communicate with the cameramen and photographers, should other collateral be required, so that if possible, this can be captured to create an improved video product in time for deadlines set.
  • Prepare required distribution packages.
  • Assist in maintaining watertight solutions for data backup within the company, including still photographs and large amounts of video data.
  • Distribute media (stills and video) across various platforms for convenient future access as per the standards and procedures implemented by the post-production supervisor.
  • Transcode and back up incoming video, photographs, and audio data from the Shooting team.
  • File/log all transcoded footage and stills correctly for handover to the video editors.
  • Prepare projects for editors, including synchronising audio and video, separating cutaways from interviews, and creating the project folder structure for ease of use.
  • Assist with digital filing and provide this support to the post-production team.
  • Convert all finished videos into various formats for delivery for broadcast, online, mobile devices etc.
  • Complete transcriptions and subtitles in a timely manner and to the required company standard.
  • Complete tasks given by media manager and post-production supervisor as required.
  • General
  • Assist in managing printers, servers and other peripherals throughout the company office.
  • Assist in installing software, drivers and updates on all computers in the company office.
  • Assist in troubleshooting IT issues as they arise.
  • Accurately complete purchase orders for new and replacement IT equipment, and provide serial numbers to accounts for new IT equipment.
  • Stay abreast of technological developments in the industry and suggest solutions where required.
  • Maintain and update the Company website as and when required.
  • Any other task that is reasonably asked of you by the Senior Video Editor and/or Post Production Supervisor.

Experience and skills

  • Extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud (mainly Premiere Pro) and experience working within a Mac OS network and with Apple products, as well as being familiar with PCs and mobile devices.
  • Thorough understanding of media file types and video codecs.
  • Familiarity with DSLR cameras (for stills and video) is advantageous, but not essential.
  • Good communication skills and an outgoing personality.
  • Good organisational ability.
  • Attributes and behaviours
  • Treat all company equipment with the utmost respect and report any maintenance issues regarding office equipment.
  • Fit within a fast moving, demanding, and constantly evolving business, which has very clear cultural values.
  • Be a strong systems thinker, constantly maintaining and refining the Ginkgo Agency’s media processes for efficiency and reliability.
  • Have an energetic, positive personality, with the drive and ambition to succeed.
  • Act with integrity, respect and professionalism at all times when representing the business.
  • Maintain a calm, common-sense demeanor in a sometimes-pressured environment.
  • Be prepared to be flexible with regards to work hours.
  • Live and breathe a lifestyle of new technology, gadgets, cameras, films, etc.

Application process

If you wish to apply for this position please provide the following:

  • Letter of motivation outlining why you are the best person for the role and why you wish to work at the Ginkgo Agency.
  • CV with references.
  • Contact information including, cell number and email address.

About the Ginkgo Agency

We are a content format agency that crafts engaging cinematic and photographic narratives for those who require a compelling voice in communicating to a world audience.

As a source of ideas, emotions and experiences we aim to inspire generations and contribute to a sense of global community with content that captivates, enthrals and educates.

“We are made for goodness” – Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Location: Cape Town

Please send your cover letter to Mellisa Weir at recruitment@ginkgoagency.com

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