Monday, 3 December 2018

Spartan Internship Programme 2019

This is where you come in, we are offering an exciting opportunity to interns to learn the ropes of commercial credit analysis for SMEs.

As an intern credit analyst, you will learn to analyse financial statements of multiple SMEs in South Africa across various industry sectors with the aim of providing balanced feedback to a credit committee investment.

Spartan focuses exclusively on entrepreneurs - we are changing the world one SME at a time and need people who believe that inclusive growth can happen through helping SMEs grow.

We opened in 1981 and we provide companies with financing where traditionally it has not been possible. More recently since 2010 we have focused our mission, exclusively to help SMEs grow. Spartan does this by providing finance that backs entrepreneurs.

Part of the process in providing entrepreneurs with our backing is to perform an analysis on their business.

No work experience is needed, but we do require the candidate to have completed a Masters in Finance and a good general knowledge.

As a company, Spartan values a person with truthful candid talk, creativity, curiosity, conscientiousness and an obsession towards holistic learning & growth.

This one in a lifetime opportunity, if you are energetic entrant who wants to know their way around a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. Then apply.

Ultimately the role entails, preparing credit papers that would be presented to the investment/credit committee

The Intern will be expected to:

  • Learn from their peers
  • Learn to analyse and interprets credit bureaux reports;
  • Learn in inhouse and external rating agency credit rating tools and other economic indicators to supplement analysis;
  • Learn how to perform on-site evaluation missions;
  • Learn to prepare credit papers for review
  • Promote and reinforce the role of Spartan as the financiers to SMEs, constantly improving relationships with entrepreneurs and potential partners.
Desired Skills and Experience
  • No working experience needed or very little
  • Analytical mind, organized, precise and meticulous
  • Ability to take initiative, learn quickly and strive for results
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Strong team player and motivator
 Required Disposition
  • A keen interest in SMEs, impact investing and socio-economic growth
  • Someone who wants to make a contribution to South Africa
  • Someone who is self-aware
  • Someone who embraces challenges and sees solutions & opportunities
  • Big picture thinker, but with an eye for detail
  • Curiosity with constant holistic learning
  • Techno Savvy

Commensurate with a Masters level 6-12 months Intern Programme


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