Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Writing Internship Opportunity at Ginkgo Agency 2019

The candidate has a talent for the written word, a love for storytelling and a natural understanding of multimedia content creation. In addition to strong writing skills, the candidate is abreast of current events and understands editorial direction and angle. The candidate must be strategic, analytical and solution focused. Attention to detail is of vital importance.

The candidate must be prepared for a fast-paced working environment and be comfortable working in a demanding role. The ability to handle stressful situations and overcoming them with a positive attitude is of immense value.

The intern writer is responsible for: 
  • Writing copy to support the ideation, development, and promotion of stories
  • Pitching new stories
  • Developing current stories and creative concepts
  • Working within the editorial team to source stories and develop them
  • Growing and developing a network of sources
Key relationships
  • Internal
  • Editorial team; Shooting team; Production team; Media management/ Post-Production.
  • External
  • Client editorial team;
  • Network of sources.
About the Ginkgo Agency

We are a content format agency that crafts engaging cinematic and photographic narratives for those who require a compelling voice in communicating to a world audience.

As a source of ideas, emotions and experiences we aim to inspire generations and contribute to a sense of global community with content that captivates, enthrals and educates.

Ginkgo Agency Values

Our company is built on a sense of purpose. Our thoughts, deeds and actions are underpinned by absolute clarity of reason. Before moving to actioning our roles and duties we are sure of the why, where and how of what we are setting out to achieve.

We are governed by an emphatic duty to integrity. We are committed to upholding the integrity of our narratives, characters and locations. Our relationship with clients, characters, one another and the environment is one of deep respect, empathy and understanding.

Craft is inherent. Pride in the consummate aesthetic, minute detail and mindful execution of our products is without exception.

We hold ourselves personally accountable. We acknowledge our personal responsibility for every role and duty we perform. And we cover each other at every turn.

We collaborate. We consider open conversation and constructive discussion as a source of high-level ideation, unique access and stellar execution of our work.

We shift the paradigm, break barriers and discover new frontiers by encouraging independent thought and listening without interruption to what is being expressed.

We are family of likeminded individuals with a common goal to uphold love, trust and respect of one another and the world that surrounds us.

“We are made for goodness” – Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

  • Exceptional writing skills
  • Proficient in Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 
  • An excellent grasp of the English language
  • Application process
If you wish to apply for this position please provide the following: 

  • Letter of motivation outlining why you are the best person for the role and why you wish to work at the Ginkgo Agency
  • CV with references
  • Contact information including: cell number and email address 
Location: Cape Town

Please send your cover letter to Mellisa Weir at recruitment@ginkgoagency.com.

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