Friday, 6 September 2019

Vox Telecom Internship Opportunities 2019

Vox Telecom has a 12-month internship opportunity available for people under 35 years of age in the above-mentioned regions.

The Internship programme offers graduates an opportunity to acquire skills and practical work experience in various departments within Vox Telecom.


Vox Telecom is a leader in the South African telecoms space, an alternative and independent operator offering a wide range of IT and telecoms services and tools, including voice, data and collaboration services.

Requirements for the internship programme:
  • Applicants must be of a historically disadvantaged background
  • Applicants must be under the age of 35
  • Applicants must be unemployed
  • Applicants must be computer literate
  • Applicants must be in possession of the completed required qualification
Cape Town – Sales Channel Partners
Higher Certificate/ ND/ Degree in Sales / Marketing/ Business or Office Management Qualification, MS Office

Centurion – Service Centre
Higher Certificate/ ND / Degree in Sales & Marketing / Contact Centre/ Administrative Management

Cape Town/ Johannesburg/ KwaZulu Natal – Operations Department
Higher Certificate/ ND / Degree in IT/ Engineering / Project Management

Johannesburg – Human Resources
Higher Certificate/ ND / Degree in Human Resource Management

Johannesburg/ KwaZulu Natal – Project Management
Higher Certificate/ ND/ Degree in Project Management/ Business Management

Johannesburg / Cape Town and Pretoria – Stores Department
Higher certificate/ ND / Degree in Project Management or Supply Chain Management


People living with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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