20 December 2019

ECR Videographer Internship Opportunity 2020

EAST COAST RADIO has a highly exciting opportunity available! We are searching for (1) Videographer intern to join our vibrant and dynamic East Coast TV team on a 12-month internship programme. A basic stipend will be paid for the duration of the programme.

Key Performance Area’s include but not limited to:

  • Determine what camera equipment is necessary and obtains equipment
  • Transports, sets up, and operates various production equipment including cameras, audio and video recorders, lighting equipment, props, and microphones for location and studio production
  • Operates and maintains proper levels and calibration of cameras, audio and video recorders, and other production equipment
  • Maintains equipment inventory and field and studio production schedules

What qualifications are required?

  • Grade 12
  • Diploma/ Degree in video technology or towards a diploma or a degree.
  • Code 08 Drivers License (preferable)

What skills and experience are we looking for?

  • Strong understanding of the technical aspects of videography, including colour, field, and studio lighting
  • Skilled in Adobe After effects CC 2020, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020, Adobe Photoshop CC 2020
  • Strong understanding of creative storytelling and pre-production organisation and scheduling skills
  • Proficient in post-production editing, the use of Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Knowledge in using microphones and other audio equipment
  • Understanding of post-production equipment, usage and processes
  • Passionate about learning and acquiring new skills
  • Ability to recognize and attend to important details with accuracy and efficiency
  • Aptitude to work constructively in a fast-paced, multitasking environment
  • Broad general knowledge and general computer literacy
  • o(MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint/ Outlook)
  • Office equipment (photocopier/fax machine/printer)
  • Highly organised, deadline driven, with good time keeping skills;
  • Team player, with the ability to work independently;

Job Closing Date: 15/01/2020


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