23 January 2020

11 X Stats SA Internship Opportunities 2020

Stats SA provides a two-year internship programme for recent graduates. To qualify for the internship programme, you must –

  • Be an unemployed graduate aged between 20–35 years;
  • Have completed a Degree/National Diploma (NQF 6) or Honours/ Masters Degree in the under-mentioned disciplines/ fields of study from accredited institutions of Higher Learning; and
  • Must be a South African Citizen
  • Must not have participated in an Internship in the Public Service

Stats SA provides scientific knowledge that enables society to understand complex socio-economic phenomena. It draws its mandate from the Statistics Act, 1999 (Act No 6 of 1999).

Stats SA strives to excel in the following five competencies: 
● Intellectual capability to lead the scientific work of statistics
● Technological competence for purposes of large-scale processing and for complex computations and accessibility of information to the public
● Logistical competence for deployment of (forward and reverse) logistics of large-scale field operations and for strategic choices regarding operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness
● Political competence in understanding the political environment without being political or Politicised (commitment of delivery without fear of favour)
● Administrative competence: The ability of bringing it all together.

People with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

The following qualifications are required:

1. Field: Statistics
Qualification: Economics/Econometrics/Statistics/Social Sciences/Mathematical Statistics/Demography
Ref No: Head Office (01/01/20HO)

2. Field: Data Science
Qualification: Computer Science/ Statistics/ Applied Mathematics
Ref No: Head Office (02/01/20HO)

3. Field: Demography
Qualification: Population Studies/ Demography/ Statistics/ Development Studies
Ref No: Head Office (03/01/20HO)

4. Field: Geography
Qualification: Geography/Geomatics/GIS/Environmental Studies
Ref No: Head Office (04/01/20HO)

5. Field: System Development and Analysis/ICT
Qualification: Information Technology/Computer Science/Financial Information Systems/Programming/Software Development/Networking
Ref No: Head Office (05/01/20HO)

6. Field: Logistics
Qualification: Logistics Management/Transport Management/Transport Economics
Ref No: Head Office (06/01/20HO)

7. Field: Governance (Risk Management; Fraud and Compliance; Governance and Policy Unit)
Qualification: Risk Management/Accounting/Internal Audit/Policing/Fraud and Investigation/Investigation/Forensic
Ref No: Head Office (07/01/20HO)

8. Field: Communication, Marketing, Digital and Media Studies
Qualification: Web Design/ Printmaking and Typography/ Media Writing/ Digital photography and Digital Imaging Manipulation/Visual Digital Communication/Graphic Design/Journalism
Ref No: Head Office (08/01/20HO)

9. Field: Actuarial Science
Qualification: Actuarial Science/ Computational and Applied Mathematics/ Mathematical Statistics/ Statistics/Mathematics
Ref No: Head Office (09/01/20HO)

10. Field: Data Analysts
Qualification: Computer Science/ Statistics/ Mathematics
Ref No: Head Office (10/01/20HO)

11. Field: Social Sciences
Qualification: Economics/ Demography/ Statistics/ Sociology/ Population Studies/Development Studies
Ref No: Head Office (11/01/20HO)

● A three-year tertiary qualification (NQF 6) in the above-mentioned fields.
● Applicants that still need to finish or qualify for a Degree or National Diploma should not apply.

Important note:
● Applications must be submitted online on the following link: www.statssa.gov.za/recruitment
● Applicants must attach a recent copy of the CV, certified copies of: Matric certificate, academic qualifications with academic transcripts (academic record) and ID
● Candidates wishing to apply for an Internship outside their area of residence must be willing to find their own accommodation and transportation considering that they will be earning a stipend
● Failure to submit the requested documents/information will result in your application not being considered
● Applicants will be expected to be available for assessments and selection interviews at a time, date and place as determined by the Department
● It is the applicant’s responsibility to have foreign qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA)
● All appointments for internship are subject to the verification and pre-screening process
● Statistics South Africa reserves the right not to make an appointment
● Manual applications will not be accepted
● Correspondence will be entered into with shortlisted candidates only.

Enquiries: Kindly contact Ms Zanele Khumalo on (012) 337 6371 or Ms Sphiwe Ringane on (012) 310 8089

Closing Date: 31 January 2020

Stats SA endeavours to promote the careers of previously disadvantaged persons by applying the principles of appropriate legislation, e.g. Employment Equity Act, 1998.

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