05 February 2020

Paid Search Intern at CleverClicks 2020

Paid Search Intern at CleverClicks 2020. Do you have an absolute fascination with digital marketing and online advertising? Are you curious about the wonderful world of Google Ads? Do you have degree/diploma related to marketing and some entrepreneurial common sense? Do you want to become a PPC ninja? Well, we may have just the position for you.

You’ll be an intern, but we won’t make you fetch coffees nor polish the CEO’s shoes. You have important work to do.

We are offering a three-month intern position (30 to 40 hours per week). If you manage to 'wow' us then there might be a spot here for you. (We have been known to hire outstanding interns full time… #JustSaying).

The role is primarily a PPC junior role. You will be doing lots of assistance, helping the head of PPC with day-to-day management and strategies. You will learn a truck load about digital marketing! You need to be methodical and thorough, and have serious street smarts. Here are some of the tasks you will be involved in:
  • Adjusting client advertising budgets on a daily basis
  • Filtering out irrelevant keywords from client accounts
  • Adjusting keyword bids for optimal performance
  • Assisting with planning and implementing new account builds (we have three currently in motion!)
  • Comparing performance data month-to-month per account to find areas of account which need attention
  • Lots of learning! We have dedicated time for this, so you will learn while working and during dedicated learning periods
  • If this tickles your fancy then read on...

You will have tons of support from a team of very experienced, smart, digital marketers, and the best tools around to help make your life as easy as possible. You will attend internal and client meetings to learn about all things digital. And possibly, a full-time role at one of the best digital marketing agencies in Cape Town. We service clients in Australia, the UK and North America.

If you feel you cut the mustard, click the link, complete the form. You’ll also see instructions for a selfie video.

Start date is yesterday :)

Apply now – trust us, this will be the best job you’ve ever had (but be prepared, previous candidates have described our recruitment process as “full on”. We don't take on a new member of the family lightly).


Company Description
CleverClicks is a fast-growing digital marketing agency with offices in Cape Town (main office), Sydney and Vancouver.

Our ‘outward’ mission is to help small and medium-sized business owners live their entrepreneurial dreams. We do this through implementing clever marketing strategies with SEO, PPC and social, as well as lead nurturing.

Just as importantly, our ‘inward’ mission is for each of us to push ourselves into the next level of personal growth. Whatever that may be for you. Making you more fulfilled, more valuable and ultimately, happier. More will be revealed in the interview.

We give you the flexibility to achieve the optimal work/life balance for you, allowing you to be productive while living a fun and exciting life.

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