10 March 2020

Raizcorp Internship Opportunities 2020

Raizcorp is looking for a newly-qualified human resources graduate who is motivated and eager to gain valuable experience in a human resources department. (At Raizcorp, human resources is called People Practices.) We’re looking for an energetic, optimistic and passionate young human resources graduate who truly cares for people and who is motivated to put in some really hard work to learn and grow as they work. A strong foundation and experience in computer literacy is critical if you wish to apply for this role as you will be working extensively with our internal training systems and learner management systems (including Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word). Being computer literate and savvy is non-negotiable. This role is a one-year fixed-term contract position.

What does a HR Intern do?
The focus of this internship will be our staff learning, training and development. This means you will spend a significant amount of time creating, scheduling and loading new learning content on to our learner management system. You will be expected to review our entire learning content library and ensure that all learning journeys are captured on the online system. You will be tasked to report on learning and training interventions conducted in the business on a monthly basis (and help with employee equity and skills reporting). You will have to source external training interventions / offerings for various staff members.

You will be assisting the People Practices Manager to write policies and procedures and therefore you must be a strong writer with the ability to convey words on to paper in a meaningful and clear manner.

Over and above this, you will gain experience and exposure in the following HR performance areas:

  • HR administration and processes
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Culture and wellness
  • IR processes and process documentation
  • Payroll
  • Reporting
  • Supporting the People Practices Manager with ad hoc duties

What experience is preferred?

There is no work experience required for this role. We will be basing the recruitment decision on the following factors:

  • The quality of your CV from a grammar, spelling, attention to detail and overall presentation quality
  • Your chosen degree being completed (the type and nature of your qualification will be important)
  • Your academic performance at university; we are seeking strong overall academic performance and honours degree candidates will receive preference, especially if there is evidence of learning and development specialisation in your degree
  • Examples of leadership roles held in school and university
  • Your attitude and demeanour; we’re looking for a strong culture fit for the department and organisation
  • Your performance during the interview process
  • Your ability to commit to the entire duration of the internship
  • What kind of personality will excel in this role?
  • We’re looking for a real passion and a strong desire to learn, apply yourself and work really hard. We’re looking for someone who will recognise the value and benefit of this internship and will commit themselves to taking this role seriously.

What are the minimum requirements?

  • Minimum degree-level qualification in human resources (or psychology with human resources as major subject)
  • An honours-level qualification will be an advantage
  • Strong computer literacy with a natural flair for computers and systems (a significant amount of work will be done online, on various internal systems, as well as on Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Excel); you need to have demonstrated training / learning with computers in your educational background
  • Experience in leadership roles at school / university
  • Your own car and valid driver’s licence

Desired skills

  • High emotional intelligence with a real passion for developing people
  • Strong attention to detail – you need to be able to focus and not make errors
  • Strong deadline driven / driver personality
  • Self-motivated and organised
  • Exceptional communicator (written and spoken)
  • Strong emotional maturity and ability to take ownership and accountability
  • Systematic approach to work
  • Proactive team player
  • Ability to manage under pressure
  • Flexible
  • Ability to take constructive criticism and take corrective action to make improvements
  • Able to travel nationally if required

Location: Sandton

Raizcorp’s People Practices team takes human resources, specifically the care of our people, very seriously. We joke and play a lot, but we work very hard and our real focus is on being in service to our people. This means you need to genuinely love people, have a deep respect for all people from all walks of life, be prepared to listen and learn and be genuine about a career in human resources. You need to have a strong performance orientation – a driver personality who wants to get things done. If you tick these boxes, you will love working within our team.

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