20 May 2020

BDO Trainee Accountant Programme 2024

The BDO Trainee Accountant vacancies are for 2024 first year trainees wanting to start their training contract within the BDO Financial Services (FS) division. The training contract will ensure that you achieve the SAICA competencies to register as a Chartered Accountant and equip you with specialist expertise and experience in the Banking, Insurance, Asset Management and Funds industries. 

As a BDO Financial Services professional, you’ll work in a fast-paced, innovative and technology driven environment and help BDO's established FS business to deliver exceptional client service and further disrupt and transform the FS industry.  

Principle Outcomes

Participate primarily in the financial statement audits of clients within the financial services sector.

We are looking for candidates who would like:
  • Exposure and specialization in the financial services sector, which includes banking, asset management, stock broking, investment management, funds and insurance companies;
  • Hands on experience with clients and management;
  • Open door policy with managers and partners;
  • Innovative and disruptive thinking; and
  • A supportive environment that is focused on skills development and professionalism.
  • Honours / PGDA / CTA or equivalent level qualification at a SAICA recognised University.

  • A passion for Financial Markets and eagerness to specialize within the Financial Services sector;
  • Keen willingness to learn and bring energy and aspiration to a growing and innovative team;
  • Strong technical ability;
  • High level of attention to detail and analytical and problem solving abilities;
  • Ability to communicate effectively;
  • Ability to relate to clients;
  • Ability to apply sound professional judgment;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to self-development and growth;
  • Ability to work within diverse teams;
  • Strong organisational ability.

At BDO, we make it a priority to provide our interns, trainees and other entry level professionals with mentorship, flexibility, learning and growth opportunities.

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