20 May 2020

Sintrex IT Internship Programme 2020

Sintrex is is looking for interns who will be part of a team in a highly pressured environment. All Sintrex Interns report directly to the Training and Content Manager.  Sintrex Interns form part of a 12 month internship programme where they are trained up to be employed into either the Services or Solutions departments.

Once successfully employed they will be placed in a junior role which could be as an Operator, Sys Admin, member of the Drawing Team, part of the Centre of Excellence or a Solutions Specialist.

Interns have to complete a series of assessments and practical projects in order to pass their internship and be employed permanently.

Core Outputs:
•   Complete and pass all assigned tasks and tests as per the Internship Programme
•   Successfully integrate yourself with the Sintrex Team
•   Achieve all practical tasks and assignments while on-site or in the practical phase

Essential Requirements:
•   Grade 12 (NSC)
•   A+ and N+ or similar IT related qualification
•   Basic understanding of hardware, operating systems (Linux or Windows), applications and networking
•   Basic systems administration tasks
•   Experience in the installation and set-up of networks, servers or workstations will be an advantage

Behavioral Competencies:
•   High degree of aptitude in the IT environment
•   Passion for technology
•   Entrepreneurial initiative (self-starter)
•   High degree of professionalism
•   Deadline driven
•   Passion, drive and ability to learn new technologies quickly
•   Attention to detail and producing quality work
•   Team orientated
•   Able to work under pressure
•   Strong analytical skills
•   Openness to learning

English: Read / Write / Speak
Afrikaans: Understand / Read / Write

Make sure that the following information is provided with your application:
•   All qualifications
•   Previous Employers (If Applicable)
•   Duties and Achievements
•   Contact numbers
•   Workplace details
•   Provide a summary of experience gained in each role and in which technologies or with which tools
•   Include all working experience, even if not directly related to your field of expertise
•   Include certified copies of your qualifications and ID together with your application
•   It is compulsory to complete the above information

Applications close: 31 May 2020

Candidates who do not thrive under pressure and who are not inherently dedicated to being the best they can be through a self-learning attitude wont not enjoy our environment.

Applications that do not meet this requirement will automatically be disqualified.

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