28 June 2020

Nova Pioneer Educational Psychologist Internship Opportunity 2020

Nova Pioneer is looking for an Educational Psychologist Intern to help provide social wellness, psychological and learning support to students at our schools in South Africa in 2020. The Intern Psychologist will help to implement a comprehensive school psychology program in collaboration with the Deans, Educational Psychologist and Teachers that addresses the academic and personal development needs of our students.

If your application is successful, a tentative offer will be made, which will allow you to submit a tailored internship programme to the Professional Board for Psychology. The finalization of the offer will be entirely dependent on your programme being unconditionally approved by the Professional Board for Psychology by no later than 1 December 2020. The offer will fall away if there is no approval by 1 December 2020. 


The Intern Psychologist will be based at one of our schools in Johannesburg and will work with Nova Pioneer's educational psychologist to provide educational psychological services to students at your school. This will include individual interventions and assessments, group work, meeting attendance, case management, and consultations with parents and teachers.

Your key responsibilities will be to:
  • Work under the supervision of Nova Pioneer's educational psychologist, who will act as the site supervisor
  • Provide therapeutic interventions, including play therapy and trauma support to primary school students from Grade 00/000 to Grade 7
  • Provide learning support and remedial interventions to students in the primary school.
  • Conduct psycho-educational assessments of students in the primary school
  • Conduct school readiness assessments of students in Grade R
  • Write professional, useful and psychometrically-sound assessment reports
  • Provide group interventions and facilitate Social and Emotional Learning experiences with an emphasis on prevention in the secondary school
  • Attend Student Support Team meetings and work as part of a collaborative student support team
  • Maintain accurate clinical records
  • Maintain the highest level of professional and ethical conduct, upholding the Professional Rules of Conduct pertaining to the profession of psychology as laid down by the HPCSA
  • Have completed or be nearing completion of an accredited master’s degree in educational psychology (no time will be given for completion of course work)
  • Be registered with the HPCSA as an intern psychologist by January 2021
  • Have an individualized internship programme that has been approved by the Professional Board for Psychology by December 2020
  • Be contracted to an external clinical supervisor
  • Be willing and able to work on different campuses of the school
  • Be available to conduct assessments during the school holidays
  • Have supervised experience in therapeutic interventions and psychological assessment
Location: Johannesburg

All applications will be reviewed and applicants notified of next steps within a week of this closing date. There are a series of stages in the Nova Pioneer interview process and candidates will be moved forward in the process depending on their success in the previous stage. 

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