14 June 2020

SNG GrantThornton Junior Consultant Internal Audit Opportunity 2020

SNG GrantThornton ha a Junior Consultant Internal Audit opportunity at their Johannesburg offices. As a recent internal audit graduate, the overall aim is to ensure a seamless integration into a professional role as an Internal Auditor. Candidate must be willing to learn from the Senior Auditors and Consultants, and assist them with day to day projects related to the division.

We are looking for game-changers, shapeshifters and graduates who will take the responsibility to own their growth from day one. Our graduate recruits (trainee accountants) are exposed to a wide range of clients in different industries. This allows trainee accountants to have varied experience once they complete their training programme.

• Conduct internal audits at various branches independently and in a team.
• Identify weaknesses in procedures, systems and internal controls and make recommendations on how to improve the internal controls and governance processes.
• Facilitate the implementation of recommendations made.
• Perform stock-take audits at various branches/factories/divisions

Behavioural Competencies

Practice management: Understand the internal processes and procedures of the firm - timesheets, wip, debtors, billings.
Planning and organising: Ability to define project objectives and plans with scheduled activities and timescales. Ability to organise and manage projects and resources so that the desired results are achieved.
Communication skills: Ability to apply verbal and non-verbal skills in expressing ideas, feelings, opinions and conclusions so that all parties understand what is being communicated.
Teamwork: Ability to work in a team

>Technical Competencies
  • Theoretical knowledge of Internal Auditing
  • Must have basic knowledge and skills in internal auditing.
  • Theoretical knowledge of Audit tools
  • Must have theoretical knowledge of audit tools such as Teammate.
  • Theoretical knowledge of risks controls and different types of audits
  • Must have basic knowledge of risks, controls, financial audits, performance audits, audit of performance information, governance, procurement and other areas
  • Writing of good quality reports
  • B Com degree / BTech in Accounting, Internal Audit or an equivalent qualification

We believe that, for you to realise your career aspirations at SNG Grant Thornton, you will need to Own You Growth. You need to take responsibility for your career progression, you need to be intentional about where about your development, yes you need to Own Your Growth!

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