23 July 2020

Truevo Growth Analysis Internship Opportunity 2020

Truevo has a Growth Analysis Internship for graduates to be part of the Operations department at the  Cape Town offices, Western Cape.


There are jobs and there are places where you get to do your best work. Work that gives you itchy fingers. Because you are ready to go to the moon. Because you are ready to start co-creating something that you will be remembered for. If you want your fingerprints on something big - you are welcome here. 

If you see the playground rather than the obstacle course, If you snigger at convention, if you see that it takes a village to raise a product. We already like you. You are probably one of us. 

As a heavily driven research and insights team, this role will be our rocketship fuel, we will make decisions based on your findings. We are looking for someone  that notices detail. All of it. Someone that is a researcher at heart, loves observing people, behaviour and collecting data. Someone that likes connecting lots of small dots that build up to something much bigger. If you are a highly creative problem solver, who is both insights and research-driven. Loves chatting with people and learning more about them, easy to connect with but also super happy in front of a screen for days. Daydream for a moment about what you could achieve here. You may have found your new home.  

  • Working in a team to collect and optimize field knowledge and feedback. 
  • Providing internal support for departments that want to increase efficiency, productivity, or profitability.
  • Analyze data and processes to look for and better understand problems.
  • Developing processes and policies to replace or improve upon current methods.
  • Working with departments as they implement, refine, review, and modify processes and systems.
  • Establishing and enforcing budgets and timelines.
  • Presenting findings and pitching ideas to the team so they understand recommendations or changes. 
  • Experience or studies in Anthropology, Marketing, Research or related field.
  • A diverse and interesting background may be preferred.
  • Strong research, math, and computer skills. Fast learner. 
  • Gets fintech/small businesses/European market. 
  • Excellent problem solving, presentation, and verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to analyze processes and data.
  • Good heart. Growth mindset. Diverse thinking. In that order. 
  • No fear of failure. Not even a glimpse. Jump in headfirst kinda person. 
  • Can run wild unattended and come back with gems but also finds joy in co-creating. 
  • Data gets you really excited. So excited that it is embarrassing at times. 
  • Great analytical skills.
If you don’t tick all the boxes but tick some of them incredibly well, please take a chance and send your CV through anyway. Misfits welcome.

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