01 September 2020

Air Liquide Transformation Admin & Coordinator Intern 2020

Air Liquide invites graduates to apply for the Transformation Admin & Coordinator Intern for a customer focused individual to join an ever-growing business.

Missions and Responsibilities

  • Transformation Admin & Coordinator Intern, is responsible for ensuring the implementation of frameworks that support efficient and effective delivery to the Employee Relations & Transformation Manager. He/she will ensure coordination in conjunction with the Talent Management Department  for B-BBEE, SED, EE and LCD training planning and support 
  • EESD (Employment Equity Skills Development) Committee - The incumbent is  required to coordinate, monitor and report all EESD activities. Ensuring communication to all stakeholders, collecting required data, filing and recordings. He/she will also be required to prepare ready made files for EE audits and coordinate the DoL audit and ensure readiness of the EE Compliance files (file with min requirements for audit) and EE reports.
  • Monitor and report on Recruitment vs EE Targets and Goals whilst providing recruitment data for recruitment on monthly basis and keep records
  • SED/CSI (Socio Economic Development/Corporate Social Investment (Social responsibility) - He/she will be coordinating and reporting on programmes and implementation of SED programme whilst promoting and communicating SED /CSI initiatives
  • LCD (Local Community Development) - Track and Coordinate local community engagement and managing programme and ensure record keeping
  • B-BBEE - Coordination of each entity’s BEE committee meetings in consultation with the business unit Director and  the BEE Service Provider
  • Keep record of the committee meetings, follow up and provide updates of status of actions. Coordinate, facilitate information and training, whilst following up on the support to advisory consulting
  • ER administration - Coordinate and provide administration support on ER activities reporting, be proactive in programmes management, reports collation and recording. Compile report on all relevant activity for governance for tracking purposes.
  • Long term contractors ER compliance management-  ensure compliance and report management

Educational requirements

  • Bcom/BSoc Science in Human Resources (Major in HR/Labour Law and Finance/Business Management) or equivalent qualification


  • Strong administrative skill
  • Proficiency with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel

Knowledge and Know-how specific to the job

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Relationship management
  • Coordination strength
  • Innovative and autonomous
  • Strong project and work management
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Additional information


Collaborating skills - Working cooperatively with others to help a team or work group achieve its goals by Communicating with Impact

Initiating Action - Taking prompt action to accomplish work goals; taking action to achieve results beyond what is required; being proactive 

Managing personal efficiency -  manage competing priorities in a challenging environment, minimizing non-value-added complexity or paradox.

Performance and Responsibility - action to manage all changes or to mitigate the uncertainties occurring as a result of change to achieve the Group's objectives.

Customer Orientation - recognize and analyze the customers’ needs, expectations and priorities and propose valuable, reliable, and competitive solutions. Caring about Customers and Patients is essential

Adaptable - Maintaining effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work responsibilities or environment (e.g., people, processes, structure, or culture); adjusting effectively to change by exploring the benefits, trying new approaches, and collaborating with others to make the change successful and influence leadership.

Location: Alrode


Talking about talent, main diversity areas are nationality, educational background and gender. Such diversity is a source of creativity and dynamism which lead to better performance. It helps us to respond to the complex challenges in our markets, it sparks innovation, and it contributes to value creation for customers, partners and society.

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