10 September 2020

WFP Partnerships Internship Opportunity 2020

The United Nations World Food Programme Partnership Internship has to facilitate the work of senior staff to effectively position WFP with public, private and external partners to attract policy support, resources, technical assistance and innovative solutions to advance the work of WFP, while supporting member states in the achievement of the SDGs and Zero Hunger and emphasizing WFP’s contributions in this regard.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Support the implementation of the partnership work plan for an assigned area to enable WFP to identify, develop and strengthen quality partnerships in support of WFP strategic objectives.
  • Support contributions to developing partnerships portfolio, including partner profiling and outreach activities, with the aim to maximize resources and leverage policy and technical support for WFP’s work;
  • Use data to present managers with well-researched ideas to expand support from existing partners and to scope new partners, with the aim to enhance the impact of WFP’s work and diversify the resource base.
  • Support on relationship management with the development quick read outs and note for records of partner meeting and support with targeted follow-up.
  • Solicit inputs, including operational updates, from other WFP units to develop briefs and updates that support the work of the Partnership Unit;
  • Support the drafting quality briefs and proactively highlight strategic issues to senior staff to inform best course of action and nurture partnership growth.
  • Gather and present internal and external data/information, using key information systems (e.g. Salesforce, WINGS, WFPGo), to support WFP’s effective positioning vis-à-vis national governments, regional and international institutions with the aim to influence the policy agenda.
  • Support the development of partnerships and joint events with member states, resource partners, civil society and intergovernmental organizations to advocate for the SDGs and Zero Hunger on the global agenda and advance WFP priorities and objectives.
  • Contribute to partnerships strategies and the development of Partnership Action Plans;
  • Support the preparation of the quality partner proposals and reports by engaging with other WFP entities and external stakeholders.
  • Support senior managers in the preparation of strategic agreements, joint strategies and MOUs in order to promote the SDGs and Zero Hunger on the national, regional and global agenda and to reach advantageous outcomes for WFP.
  • Support with partner visibility and ensure partner conditions are met.
  • Other as required.



  • Understand and communicate the Strategic Objectives: Understands WFP’s Strategic Objectives and the link to own work objectives.
  • Be a force for positive change: Flexibly adapts individual contributions to accommodate changes in direction from supervisors and internal/external changes (such as evolving needs of beneficiaries, new requirements of partners).
  • Make the mission inspiring to our team: Recognizes and shares with team members the ways in which individual contributions relate to WFP’s mission.
  • Make our mission visible in everyday actions: Sets own goals in alignment with WFP’s overall operations, and is able to communicate this link to others.


  • Look for ways to strengthen people's skills : Assesses own strengths and weaknesses to increase self-awareness, and includes these in conversations on own developmental needs.
  • Create an inclusive culture: Participates in open dialogue, and values the diverse opinion of others, regardless of background, culture, experience, or country assignment.
  • Be a coach & provide constructive feedback: Proactively seeks feedback and coaching to build confidence, and develop and improve individual skills.
  • Create an “I will”/”We will” spirit: Participates in accomplishing team activities and goals in the face of challenging circumstances.


  • Encourage innovation & creative solutions: Shows willingness to explore and experiment with new ideas and approaches in own work.
  • Focus on getting results: Consistently delivers results within individual scope of work on time, on budget and without errors.
  • Make commitments and make good on commitments: Commits to upholding individual accountabilities and responsibilities in the face of ever-changing country or functional priorities.
  • Be Decisive: Makes rational decisions about individual activities when faced with uncertain circumstances, including in times of ambiguity regarding information or manager direction.


  • Connect and share across WFP units: Seeks to understand and adapt to internal or cross-unit teams’ priorities and preferred working styles.
  • Build strong external partnerships: Demonstrates ability to understand and appropriately respond to and/or escalate needs of external partners.
  • Be politically agile & adaptable: Portrays an informed and professional demeanor toward internal and external partners and stakeholders.
  • Be clear about the value WFP brings to partnerships: Provides operational support on analyses and assessments that quantifies and demonstrates WFP’s unique value as a partner.


Supply Chain Strategy

  • Demonstrates understanding of supply chain strategies and corporate frameworks. Supports analytical and conceptual work on supply chain strategy and implementation.

Supply Chain & Networks Management

  • Demonstrates robust understanding of end-to-end supply chain management. Supports the design and implementation of supply chain, retail and partnership networks.
  • Supports the design and integrated delivery of supply chain services.

Supply Chain Capacity Strengthening

  • Demonstrates robust understanding of supply chain capacity strengthening in operational contexts. Implements capacity development initiatives in own area of responsibility.

Supply Chain Performance & Development

  • Supports integrated supply chain information management and conducts advanced Supply Chain and performance analytics. Contributes to supply chain improvement and innovation initiatives.

Supply Chain Planning

  • Demonstrates robust understanding of supply chain planning in operational contexts. Designs plans and operational scenarios in collaboration with key internal and external stakeholders. Leverages expert intelligence and system data to conduct planning analytics.


  • Has a basic understanding of government strategies.
  • Has supported the development of effective relationships with partners and explored new areas to scale-up existing activities and researched new opportunities.
  • Has experience in using data analysis and visualization to enable action-oriented discussions with partners.
  • Has prepared briefs to raise resources for operations and supported on relationship management


  • Education: Currently enrolled and have attended university courses in the last 12 months inclusive of having completed at least 2 years of undergraduate studies or have recently graduated in the last 6 months in Political Science, International Development, Development Economics, International Relations, Law, Marketing, Communications or other related field.
  • Language: Fluency (level C) in English language.


This vacancy announcement will close on Tuesday, 22 September 2020 at 11:59pm

This position is only open to South African Nationals OR candidates with a valid South African Residence Permit.

Female applicants are especially encouraged to apply.

WFP has zero tolerance for discrimination and does not discriminate on the basis of HIV/AIDS status.

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