04 January 2021

Genesis Analytics Competition & Regulatory Economics Analyst Graduate 2021

Location: Hyde Park

Description: Genesis Analytics is seeking a Competition & Regulatory Economics Analyst Graduate. 

As part of a young and dynamic team, you will assist us in providing economic analysis on high-profile matters that shape the future operations of our clients and the industries in which they operate. 

You will work alongside leading competition economists that have provided independent expert economic testimony in many of South African’s landmark competition cases. 

You will also work with the country’s top legal teams and high-level decision makers in both business and public office. The exposure you will get to the inner workings of a wide cross-section of industries means that no two projects are ever the same.


Genesis Analytics is the largest economics-based consultancy in sub-Saharan Africa, with offices in Johannesburg and Nairobi. Our team of economists and other technical specialists advise companies, governments and regulators in emerging markets on regulation, competition, strategy and development issues. Over the last 20 years, Genesis has completed over 900 engagements for more than 100 clients, in 28 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.


  • We are looking for outstanding economists with excellent academic credentials and a minimum of a master’s degree in Economics (or similar qualification). 
  • No prior experience/coursework in competition or regulatory economics is required. 
  • Applicants must, however, want to work in an intellectually rigorous and challenging environment where they will be asked to solve problems by applying economic theory to real world situations. 
  • Strong analytical ability, critical thinking and written communication skills are a must.