10 June 2021

Media24 Payroll Internship Programme 2021

Description: Apply now for the Media24 Payroll Internship Programme 2021.

Key responsibilities:
  • Gateway
  • 24-hour turn-around time for all queries; 72hr resolution time;
  • Ensure accurate timely payment of freelancers;
  • Ensure Gateway information for payments contain the correct ledger accounts for Finance allocation and reconciliations;
  • Communicate all erroneous inputs submitted on Gateway (to the requestor and line manager timeously, so that processing can still occur in the requested payroll month).
  • Provide regular feedback to the payroll controller regarding problems areas in work and how these could be improved;
  • Request access to transactions where you can assist to spread the workload of the team.
  • Discuss issues/errors and keep a note thereof for process improvements;
  • Clear up Shared drive to ensure efficient navigation;
  • Ensure deadlines as per payroll & Finance calendars are met;
  • Ensure valid and accurate input and capturing with all relevant documents in place;
  • Follow up until the client is completely satisfied, even if the client is referred to someone else.
  • Handle customer complaints in a way that enhances and maintains the reputation of the department/HR/M24 Group;
  • Tend to queries of all payroll Mailboxes (SAP Payroll, my Tax-query, etc.) 24hour response, 72-hour resolution unless otherwise agreed by the requester;
  • Perform thorough checks on all inputs done for freelancers i.e. new engagements, rehires, terminations amounts outstanding. Run simulations payslips for all employees to ensure correct results;
  • General administrative support as and when required.
Closing Date: 11 June 2021

Given the employment equity policy of Media24, preference will be given to suitable candidates from the designated groups.

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