Sanofi Medical Excellence Trainee Programme 2021

 Description: Apply now for the Sanofi Medical Excellence Trainee Programme 2021.

The purpose of Medical Operations is to ensure engagements with HCPs are conducted with the highest level of integrity.

Engagements should be educational, with scientific intent.

To provide medical excellence support to Sanofi Pasteur team members including sales and marketing.

To ensure highest level of integrity

  • Audit readiness and compliance
  • Carry-out all compliance for Pasteur
  • Work closely with compliance and EBI
  • Update SOPs (As directed by compliance, if needed)
  • Training Sanofi representatives
  • Find out what’s in place
  • Create training record for the team
  • Check and ensure that all members complete the training
  • Share records on sharepoint (Audit readiness)

Disease awareness campaigns and Engagements with Scientific External Experts

  • Monthly transparency reporting of HCP spend
  • Quarterly report to be send to the business (regarding most commonly used experts).
  • Ensure no experts exceeds 11 engagements and/or honoraria of R160 000 (red flag those that
  • are nearly reaching the threshold).
  • FMV updated accordingly on global FMV calculator for HCPs, patients and PAGs- FMV grid and map portal
  • Honoraria should be calculated as per recommendations in the SOP
  • Ensure >90 % compliance at medico-marketing meetings
  • Live monitoring of events, chosen randomly and done quarterly

MyComet: Reviewer and administrator rights

  • Training all relevant Sanofi Pasteur individuals
  • Process simplification
  • Ensure Pasteur MyComet users are updated on system changes
  • Supporting Sanofi Pasteur staff on the capacity of MyComet Administrator
  • Detailed review of all jobs submitted
  • Collaboration with ITS, ITS Egypt and EBI
  • Collaboration with transversal departments

Management of Medical Information

  • Manage Pasteur Medical Info Mailbox and phone calls during working hours.

SOP compliance

  • Ensure medical information mailbox is operational and checked throughout the day as well as answering phone calls received by Pasteur medical.
  • Quarterly quality checks to be done by sending email or phoning to ensure automatic responses are received (Audit readiness).
  • Quarterly quality checks to ensure phone calls are correctly routed and voicemail is active 24/7 and on non-business days or hours.
  • Ensure all relevant departments/individuals are trained on new SOPs
  • Monthly reconciliation must be done with PV and Quality (target >95% compliance).
  • Tracking queries: Response in a timely manner must be adhered to i.e. 4 working days (1st line response), 10 working days (2nd line responses).
  • Attend all 1GMI workstreams to discuss inherent with the system, ensure everyone is up to date and 100% compliance.
  • Conduct literature search using Sanofi approved database to ensure information used in responses are reliable and credible
  • Ensure no responses constitute medical advice or recommendations
  • Ensure all off-label responses are handled independently and not involving commercial
  • Provide a detailed response document to the requestor ( as approved by relevant medical approvers on the system).
  • Information must be provided as per Good Scientific Information Practices SOP
  • POPI act readiness
  • Statistics generation of queries

Management of Medical sponsorships to Health Care Organizations 

  • Compliance check of sponsorship requests
  • Internal processing of all documentation
  • Reconciliation of sponsorship


Sanofi IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER If you are interested in applying for this vacancy and you are confident that you meet the criteria set out in the advertisement kindly click on the link below. 

At Sanofi diversity and inclusion is foundational to how we operate and embedded in our Core Values. We recognize to truly tap into the richness diversity brings we must lead with inclusion and have a workplace where those differences can thrive and be leveraged to empower the lives of our colleagues, patients and customers. We respect and celebrate the diversity of our people, their backgrounds and experiences and provide equal opportunity for all.

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