Deloitte VIBE Vacation Work Programme 2023

Apply now for the Deloitte VIBE Vacation Work Programme 2023. You’ll have the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars that will equip you with the tools and skills needed to navigate the transition from university campus to the world of work. You’ll also have a direct opportunity to connect with some of our key business stakeholders across Deloitte.


• Must have attained a pass mark above 65% on all your subjects in Matric (Grade 12)

• Must be in your final year studying towards a Bachelors degree or Postgraduate qualification at an accredited university.

• No experience required

Preferred Qualifications: :

• Tax (Honours in 2024)

• All Engineering streams (Honours in 2024)

• Internal Audit (Honours in 2024)

• Actuarial Sciences (Honours in 2024)

• Mathematics (Honours in 2024)

• Mathematical statistics (Honours in 2024)

• Applied/Financial Mathematics (Honours in 2024)

• Physics (Honours in 2024)

• Computer/Data Science/Analytics (Honours in 2024)

• Quantitative Risk Management (Honours in 2024)

• (Applied) Statistics (Honours in 2024)

• BCom Financial Management (Honours in 2024)

• BCom Investment Management (Honours in 2024)

• BSc Financial Science (Honours in 2024)

• BSc or BCom Accounting (Honours in 2024)

• Environmental sciences,

• Sustainability,

• Risk Management,

• IT/Informatics,

• Information Systems/Technology

• Any other relevant technology degree is advantageous

Skills and Competencies:

• Able to demonstrate a professional work ethic and integrity

• Have the ability to prioritise competing responsibilities according to their urgency and importance

• Able to follow instructions accurately and work efficiently to deliver results within time constraints set by a leader

• Fast learner

• Have lateral thinking skills, problem solving and analytical abilities

Our ideal VIBE candidates are university students who we would ultimately consider for our graduate programmes


At Deloitte, we want everyone to feel they can be themselves and to thrive at work—in every country, in everything we do, every day. We aim to create a workplace where everyone is treated fairly and with respect, including reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities. We seek to create and leverage our diverse workforce to build an inclusive environment across the African continent.

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