Jacaranda FM Internship Programme 2023

Apply now for the Jacaranda FM Internship Programme 2023. An exciting opportunity awaits as we actively seek interns to join and contribute as valued members of our energetic and dynamic team.

The Wits Radio Academy, in collaboration with Vow and Jacaranda FM, has jointly established a 12-month Internship initiative designed to cultivate and empower young individuals, providing them with the potential to acquire valuable skills in the radio industry.

Interns will allocate their time among Jacaranda FM, Vow, and the Wits Radio Academy over the course of the internship.

Throughout the 12-month program, interns will be actively pursuing an Advanced Radio Certificate through the Wits Radio Academy, aligning with the NQF6 qualification framework. The cost of the Advanced Radio Certificate is sponsored by Jacaranda FM through a bursary.

To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, the internship is structured into approximately six-week blocks, allowing students to alternate between Jacaranda FM and VoW. Throughout the duration of the internship, students will receive a basic stipend.

Practical Exposure:

Beyond theoretical learning, students will actively engage in the practical facets of the radio industry, including programming, production, marketing, and event management. Interns will play a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations of Jacaranda FM and Vow, gaining hands-on experience in production, programming, and management.

At Jacaranda FM, our interns will have the chance to:

• Gain insight into the workings of our programming, marketing, digital, and technical departments.

• Contribute to various facets of our operations, acquiring practical skills along the way.

During their time at VOW FM:

Interns will be actively engaged in the day-to-day activities of Voice of Wits, with a specific focus on radio marketing, production, and programming. They will also assist across all departments at Voice of Wits, gaining exposure to every aspect of the radio environment.

Required Education:

• Minimum: High school diploma (Grade 12/Matric).

• Preferred: Bachelor's Degree or relevant qualification

Skills and Competencies:

• Advantageous: Some prior experience in radio, particularly in areas such as production, programming, or marketing.

• Solid knowledge of current affairs and a strong general knowledge base.

• Proficiency in computer applications, including word processing, presentation software, and spreadsheets.

• Exceptional communication skills.

• Demonstrated initiative and drive.

• Preferable: Possession of a driver's license


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