10 June 2020

4 Tips For Job Seekers To Find Your Internship/Graduate Opportunity

As a graduate, you’re probably following all the standard internship/graduate hunting advice. You have an updated CV, you've perfected your online professional profiles, and you are daily searching job sites for roles which might be right for you. However, there are some pearls of wisdom you may not have heard of before, but which could be the key to helping you find your first graduate job  – a job that will be a catapult for your future career.

Here are 4 Tips For Job Seekers To Find Your Internship Opportunity :

Don’t pigeon-hole your job search
At the moment, you may be doing what many other graduates do in your position – focusing your job search on roles which clearly reflect your degree course or previous work experience; because you think these are most relevant to you and your skills.

The truth is, you don’t need to be pigeon holed by your degree. For instance, just because you have a degree in psychology, that doesn’t mean you should apply only for psychology jobs. You could instead consider roles where elements of this degree could be useful, for instance human resources or teaching. In actual fact, you most likely have a wider range of hidden skills, which deem you suitable for roles you hadn’t considered before.

 Don’t just focus your job search on big brands
Big brand names can look great on a CV, and many will offer brilliant entry level graduate positions. Don’t, however, dismiss smaller, lesser known companies when job searching.

Companies which are smaller in size are often less bureaucratic. You will therefore have more autonomy than you would have in larger organisations, with a greater possibility of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and finding stretch opportunities within your role. By starting your career in a smaller business, you will also have more accessibility to senior management, giving you the opportunity to build some key relationships which may work in your favour later down the line.

In short, working for a smaller business can really give your career the boost it needs during its infancy. So, don’t just focus your graduate job search on big brands.

Maintain a job search routine and stay motivated
Periods of unemployment can take their toll on anybody’s well-being, especially a recent graduate going through the transition of student to job seeker, working hard to find their first graduate job.

It is therefore important that you maintain a routine so you stay upbeat and motivated. Get up early and fill your days with productive activity such as job searching, upskilling and networking. Having said that, make sure you take regular breaks to do what you enjoy doing, from seeing friends, to pursuing hobbies and interests. Exercise is also a great way of relieving the stress of finding your first graduate job, and something I highly recommend.

Don’t compare yourself to your friends
Lastly, don’t compare yourself to your peers, especially if they have already found work. I still remember that fear of not finding a job after graduation and getting left behind. I wish I had realised how many other people felt exactly the same. Just have faith that you are doing the best you can, you simply haven’t found the right opportunity for you yet, but that’s no need to give up or lose hope.

My over-arching advice here is this: Don’t just sit on job sites applying for “safe” sounding jobs that you know you can do. Discover your hidden skills, and get out there to expand upon them. Build your network, get some experience and learn from others. Consider opportunities which you may not have previously considered. All the while, look after yourself, take breaks, and don’t try to compete with your peers. Rest assured that you are doing the best you can by following the above advice, and before you know it, you will find yourself in the perfect role for kick starting your post-graduate career.