Examples of Cover Letters For Internships

There is fierce competition for internship positions and your cover letter is key to getting the interest of the company.

A well crafted cover letter for internship positions will convey the impression of someone who is able to clearly express him or herself and demonstrates an enthusiastic and positive attitude.

Pro Tip: Knowing how to structure your cover letter will go a long way toward ensuring that you get it right. We recommend keeping it to minimum three paragraphs with the first paragraph mentioning why you’re applying for the position, the second paragraph explaining your interest in the role and the industry and the third paragraph discussing your qualifications. This is a great way to ensure that you’re hitting on all the right points without going overboard on the length.

Here are examples of Cover Letters for Internships:

Cover Letter 1

Dear Mr. Name:

As a senior at Wits University pursuing a bachelor's degree in Business with a major in Finance and a minor in Economics, I am enthusiastically seeking an internship in which I can learn as much as possible while making a real contribution.

I approach all my work with discipline and focus as shown by my excellent academic performance. My professors have commended me for my strong analytical and communication skills. I am highly motivated and enjoy the challenge of demanding assignments.

In addition I can offer advanced computer skills including familiarity with a number of programming languages. I am confident that the combination of my strong work ethic, interpersonal skills and enthusiasm will make me an asset in any capacity in which you are willing to place me.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss further how I would make a substantial contribution to your company as an intern and I look forward to meeting with you in the near future at a mutually convenient time.


Your Name


Cover Letter 2

Dear Ms. Name:

I am writing in regards of the vacancy for the consultancy internship with PwC, as advertised on www.internships-sa.co.za. Please find my CV attached.

I am particularly drawn to this internship at PwC because of its concentration on sustainability and climate change consultancy. PwC is the market-leader in this field, and I am fascinated by the strategies PwC puts in place to help an organisation meet its social and environmental goals. I have been reading about PwC’s recent project, involving the implementation of new sustainability procedures in government buildings across SA. My involvement in the ‘Clear Up Our Campus’ campaign at university was similar, and makes me a perfect candidate for this internship.

As my CV describes, I am two years into a Sustainable Engineering degree, achieving high grades in modules that focused on sustainable planning in urban environment. My studies have imparted a groundwork of knowledge, and analytical skills that are crucial for a career in this field of consultancy. I also have three years of work experience at The Bear Factory, which has imparted great collaborative skills.

Thank you for considering my application, I look forward to the opportunity to discuss the programme further in an interview.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name.


Cover Letter 3

Dear Ms. Name:

Growing up, I took a box of markers and a pad of paper everywhere I went, so I should have known I was destined for a career in graphic design. When I discovered the graphic design internship with SABC , I was immediately drawn to the opportunity to join an organization renowned for its innovation.  I can’t wait to gain design experience by executing creative concepts and producing a range of print and digital materials. 

As a junior majoring in digital arts at UJ, I am passionate about developing clients’ visual brands to express their distinct personalities. My coursework, creative leadership, and communication skills make me a qualified applicant for this role.

  • Coursework: I’ve completed courses in Visual Art, Art & Technology, Print Media, and Computer Animation.
  • Creative leadership: As a member of the art club, I founded Community Craft Nights, held every week to provide a relaxed environment in which students can learn and practice different projects, from calligraphy to scrapbooking.
  • Communication skills: As a member of the student body of UJ , I work with 25+ student groups to design event materials and handle student outreach.

I am excited by the chance to contribute to SABC Company, honing my design skills and learning from your pioneering team of industry experts as I prepare for a career in graphic design. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Your Name


Here are the important components of a cover letter: 

  1. Address it to a specific person and state which role you’re applying to.
  2. First, focus on how you’ll add value for the organisation by highlighting your relevant skills.
  3. Second, focus on how the internship will help you meet your professional goals.
  4. Keep it to 3–5 paragraphs or 200–400 words (introduction, body, and conclusion).
  5. Be sure to mention any appropriate courses and activities that might relate to the role. 
  6. Don’t send the same cover letter to everyone; tailor it to the specific role.
  7. Integrate keywords from the internship description throughout.
  8. Use numbers to show your measurable impact wherever possible.
Remember,  the aim of the cover letter is to show that your personal qualities and characteristics are a good fit with the requirements of the job. You also need to show that you know how to make a positive contribution to the employer.

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