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The best way to earn an income online though is to never depend on one source. Most freelancers have other ways of making money, from doing simple surveys to having a part-time online business. You can even earn some extra cash by watching videos, visiting websites and doing tasks. 

Doing surveys and small tasks online will NOT make you rich of course, but they're an easy way to earn a few extra bucks in your downtime when other freelance jobs are not available.  

1. Join The Salt 

You’ve heard of Influencer Marketing right? Well, in effect, The Salt helps you to become an influencer for a brand. And the thing is that it is really simple to do! Once you have been selected as an influencer, all you will need to do is to interact with your community around aspects of the campaign. 

The Salt team will be at your side the whole way so there is nothing to be worried about. Then, the brands will pay you for the exposure. In fact, if you are selected for a campaign, you could earn up to R3000* per month just by doing your everyday activities and posting about it on your social media accounts.

To sign up, simply complete the application form and wait for them to find the perfect campaign for you.

2. FlavorWiki

Get paid to review products you love! FlavorWiki provides insights to the most famous brands in the food industry.

From taste to texture, you have the opportunity to provide precious feedback to the most famous brands in the food industry, all over the world. Sign up now and share the Tasting Experience with your friends and family to earn even more rewards!

*All studies are specific to your COUNTRY, so please sign up for the country where you live.

How it works: 

1. Register to become a FlavorWiki Taster. The more surveys you participate in, the more rewards you can earn.

2. Follow the instructions and answer the surveys. Share the experience with friends, and be rewarded even more!

3. Get your rewards quickly and easily via PayPal or Prepaid Gift Card. is legit and safe to access.


Audio and video transcription is a popular work-at-home side hustle. The problem is that it rarely pays well. 

This is good for you if you love writing and freelance. You can do transcription or captioning.  You will be required to pass a grammar test. 

Rev is not a “fire-your-boss” type of gig. It’s for extra money when you can make it, or an additional income source to add to your freelance portfolio.

Rev has 4 available positions for freelancers, which are…

Transcriptionist: Converting spoken English audio into a written document.

Captioner: Transcribe spoken English and add captions to video.

Subtitler: Translate spoken words on screen and add subtitles to video.

Translator: Translation for purposes other than video subtitles.

If you’re not familiar with online transcription and translation services, it’s a simple process.

Clients upload audio and video files to Rev, and then those files are sent to you for transcribing or translating. 

Basically, you’re sitting at your computer (in a distraction free environment) listening, and typing out conversations about things you probably have no interest in.

It seems simple enough, but quite often you’re dealing with poor audio quality, hard to understand accents and multiple voices talking over one another.

Not going to lie, the pay is small but when converted to SA currency, it is not bad at all. The job is not for everyone and you have to be really good at what you do to avoid losing your account. 

Your sign-up request is currently awaiting approval. You will receive an email when a decision has been made.

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